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Griddle Stitch Cloth

The griddle stitch creates such a subtle, nice texture. It's not the most beautiful, intricate stitch but it definitely takes the simplest projects to the next level. Last week we learned the Griddle Stitch. So now we are going to apply this stitch to a fun and easy project that will help you learn how… Continue reading Griddle Stitch Cloth

Craft, Crochet, Crochet Stitch, DIY, Tutorial

Griddle Stitch

Easy textured stitches are one of the best things in the world. Next to caffeine and chocolate, easy stitches are the only thing keeping me alive in the craft world most days. There is just something so splendid about being able to take your project to the next level with something so easy. One of… Continue reading Griddle Stitch


Texture Can Be Your Best Friend

Texture is a seriously beautiful thing. It can completely change the look of your project with just a few stitches. When I was first starting to explore creating my own designs I would take things like simple scarves and hats and add a few textured stitches. Some wonderful designs have come about that way. Ones… Continue reading Texture Can Be Your Best Friend

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Dino Cup Cozy Free Pattern

You can find the easily downloadable PDF ad free version here: Ravelry This is a super fun, easy to customize project for beginners. It uses basic stitches to create a very cute project that is perfect for gifts and markets. Perfect for any coffee and dinosaur loving people on your holiday list! Uses a very… Continue reading Dino Cup Cozy Free Pattern

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Star Stitch Tutorial

The Star Stitch is such a beautiful stitch. It adds beautiful texture to your project. And even though it may look complicated it's actually rather simple! I discovered this stitch while in a crochet funk where I felt like i was doing everything on repeat and needed to mix it up a little. I instantly… Continue reading Star Stitch Tutorial