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Wrapped Double Toddler Purse

We always take inspiration from the world around us. And the biggest form of inspiration for me is my kids. My fun and funky little girl LOVES purses. She honestly has more then I do. Usually they are filled with rocks, bracelets, and a baby. So of course I had to set out on a… Continue reading Wrapped Double Toddler Purse

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Washi Clothes Pin Magnets

I have a very big obsession with office supplies. Folders, pens, binders, chalkboards, magnets... Oh man! I am head over freaking heels for it all. Taking a stroll through the office aisle is always such a great time. I'm always looking for ways to take all the office supplies to the next level. I am… Continue reading Washi Clothes Pin Magnets

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Build A Community, Not Just An Income

Dollar, dollar bills ya'll!! Sometimes it feels like the dollar signs are the only valuable thing that can come from your business. And sometimes it feels like you just aren't going to have as much success as the other makers. But let me tell you a secret. The most valuable thing that can come from… Continue reading Build A Community, Not Just An Income

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Arcade Stitch

Love. We all have moments where we instantly fall in love. A mocha at the new coffee shop. A colorway that was just released. Someone's Instagram page. These moments are so magical. You feel like you have found a little piece of yourself somewhere out in the world. One of these moments for me was… Continue reading Arcade Stitch

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Embroidery Hair Combs

As a creative person, I love finding ways to show my style. Makeup, hair, outfits, nails, new designs, bags... It's all just fun ways to show the craziness inside. I loved a good hairstyle pre-kids. You could find me always doing something with my hair. Chopping it off, coloring it, doing intricate hairstyles. Now I… Continue reading Embroidery Hair Combs

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My First Collaboration Giveaways (a review)

Recently I decided to get out of my comfort zone and join some collab giveaways. For those of you who don't know what that is; it's a giveaway hosted on Instagram where multiple makers contribute items for the same giveaway. Entry rules can vary but they are usually along the lines of like this post,… Continue reading My First Collaboration Giveaways (a review)

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Griddle Stitch Cloth

The griddle stitch creates such a subtle, nice texture. It's not the most beautiful, intricate stitch but it definitely takes the simplest projects to the next level. Last week we learned the Griddle Stitch. So now we are going to apply this stitch to a fun and easy project that will help you learn how… Continue reading Griddle Stitch Cloth

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Griddle Stitch

Easy textured stitches are one of the best things in the world. Next to caffeine and chocolate, easy stitches are the only thing keeping me alive in the craft world most days. There is just something so splendid about being able to take your project to the next level with something so easy. One of… Continue reading Griddle Stitch

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Tile Coaster Tutorial

This is one of my all time quick gifts to give! It's super easy to make it just perfect for anyone. A few years ago I gave two of my brothers hunting themed sets and they still talk about how much they love them. I've given picture sets for newly weds, beach themed set for… Continue reading Tile Coaster Tutorial