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Going With The Flow (Changing Your Business Plan)

One of the hardest things for me is plans changing and not going exactly the way I planned. What I quickly learned in the craft biz is I’m going to have to deal with that a lot. And if you want to be successful you are going to just have to deal with plans changing. You just have to go with the flow sometimes.

When I first started I was selling hair clips and crochet hats to friends and family. Then my plan was to open an Etsy and sell everything I loved to make. My shop was a mess with coaster sets, crochet shawls, hair ties, and magnets. I had to shift gears and find a focus. Soon I changed to just crochet items. I expanded to writing patterns. And now I’m dipping my toes into the blog world.

I definitely did not see myself ending up where I did. One of my favorite advice quotes is “follow what you are good at, not what your passionate about” Mark Cuban. It is so true. Yes, you should still enjoy what you are doing. But sometimes the things you feel a deep, burning passion for are not meant to take you to success. What you’re good at and what you put your time into will take you to places you didn’t see coming.

It can be difficult to bend on that dream but you might just have to.

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