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Washi Clothes Pin Magnets


I have a very big obsession with office supplies. Folders, pens, binders, chalkboards, magnets… Oh man! I am head over freaking heels for it all. Taking a stroll through the office aisle is always such a great time.

I’m always looking for ways to take all the office supplies to the next level. I am notorious for notes. I had to come up with a way to cutely display my tons of notes, to-do lists and even some cut kid pictures(you know I gotta have my hooligans on my walls).

So, now, we have the washi tape clothes pin magnets. I had to use some more washi tape that is taking over my drawers.

Icing Beauty

-Washi Tape
-Clothes Pin
-Magnets – I used a roll of magnets and cut a section off long enough and
then cut it in 4 length wise.
-Mod Podge(optional)


This is a very simple project with just a few steps.

1. Cover the top side of a clothes pin with washi tape.
2. Trim any washi tape hanging over sides.
3. Attach magnet to back of clothes pins.
4. You can do a light coat of mod podge on top`of the washi tape just to make sure it’s on there for good.

And there you go! Now you have some super cute magnets.

If you try this tutorial out I would love to see what you make! Make sure to use #mscmagnets or #mommastitchesmakes so I can see all your beautiful creations!!!

This tutorial was created by Jasmine Castillo of Momma Stitches Corner. You can share this tutorial with a link back to the original post. You are not allowed to use photos from this tutorial without expressed permission ( Do not claim this tutorial as your own. You are allowed to sell items you make from this tutorial but please give credit when possible.

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