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Embroidery Hair Combs

As a creative person, I love finding ways to show my style. Makeup, hair, outfits, nails, new designs, bags… It’s all just fun ways to show the craziness inside.

I loved a good hairstyle pre-kids. You could find me always doing something with my hair. Chopping it off, coloring it, doing intricate hairstyles. Now I need to move quickly and get out of the door before someone has a meltdown. So, cute accessories are a must on a busy schedule. And, its even better when it’s insanely affordable.

Plain Hair Comb
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Embroidery Floss


You can use super glue instead of hot glue. I use hot glue guns because I
always seem to get super glue all over my fingers and I hate that feeling.

1. Apply glue to the back of the hair comb.
2. Wrap embroidery floss around the comb in between the teeth.
3. Continue across to the other side.
4. Put a dot of glue on the end of the embroidery floss.
5. Make them in as many colors and combinations as you can!


If you try this tutorial out I would love to see what you make! Make sure to use #mschaircombs or #mommastitchesmakes so I can see all your beautiful creations!!!

This tutorial was created by Jasmine Castillo of Momma Stitches Corner. You can share this tutorial with a link back to the original post. You are not allowed to use photos from this tutorial without expressed permission ( Do not claim this tutorial as your own. You are allowed to sell items you make from this tutorial but please give credit when possible.

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