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My First Collaboration Giveaways (a review)


Recently I decided to get out of my comfort zone and join some collab giveaways. For those of you who don’t know what that is; it’s a giveaway hosted on Instagram where multiple makers contribute items for the same giveaway. Entry rules can vary but they are usually along the lines of like this post, follow each maker, tag some friends.

I had such a fun time with these! But I did learn some valuable lessons from both of them. And I’m here to drop some knowledge on ya’ll!

1. Don’t stress yourself out. When a bunch of people are getting together to give a bunch of items, small items are honestly best. You don’t want the shipping cost for the person running it to be too high. So don’t stress out and start a new huge project for it. The mommy and me set I had been procrastinating listing on Etsy was a huge hit.

2. Know the audience. Every maker offers something different. We a have different audiences. While you may get a lot of new followers they may not be actual potential customers.

3. There will always be that person who doesn’t talk in group chats. In my experience it was me. Group chats are hell for me. So next time around I pan on being a little more active in the chat and using the opportunity to get to know a few people.

4. Just because they have a lot of followers doesn’t mean you get a lot of followers. Don’t set your follower goal too high for a giveaway. Honestly it takes all the fun out of it to just turn it into numbers.

5. Promote! Once that giveaway starts everyone needs to promote!! Even if you have a few hundred followers. Promote, promote, promote!! Trust me it matters!!

Most importantly have fun and make some friends!!!

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