Challenging Yourself


We all have those things that we struggle with. Math, cooking, not being sarcastic to someone who really gets on your nerves. Well for me it’s reading crochet patterns. Which provides big problems when wanting to branch out. You learn a few things from friends or your mom and get stuck in the same rotation with changing colors. Well I recently decided to change that! And man is it terrifying!

What I’ve learned so far: I’m still terrible with numbers, my husband is a walking calculator/translator, reading abbreviations is like reading a different language, and I need to be more patient with myself.

If you find yourself wanting to challenge yourself but feeling terrified of failure, breathe. Trust me. Take a deep breath. Repeat: “if I fail I wont die”. Failure always feels like it’s going to be the end of everything. Like if I can’t get this pattern right I’m going to have to put my hook down forever. That really isn’t the case. I’ve learned that if I fail I can move on. Move on to something new. Something familiar. Get my confidence back and come back to the challenge. It doesn’t have to be done over night. It’s going to take time. Give it to yourself.

I’ve also learned to take it easy. Start at the minnow and work up to the shark. The first pattern I tried when I decided it was high time I learn to read a pattern was a super cute flowy dress……. yeah. After struggling to get to row 4 I quit. I felt like such a failure. Like clearly this wasn’t for me. Clearly I was meant to stick to hats and scarfs. so i did for a couple of weeks. Then I picked a cute no seam vest pattern and man it all clicked!

I’m still in the learning stage and still up for more challenges (amigurumi here I come), but I’m feeling way more confident and am hoping to have my first written by me pattern launched in a month or two!

Let’s get stitchin!


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