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Tile Coaster Tutorial


This is one of my all time quick gifts to give! It’s super easy to make it just perfect for anyone. A few years ago I gave two of my brothers hunting themed sets and they still talk about how much they love them. I’ve given picture sets for newly weds, beach themed set for my beachy friend.

I mean if you can get a hold of the photo you can do whatever you want! And with only a few materials and a few bucks! All you need is 24 hours(really only about 30 minutes of actual work but you want to make sure the glue is dry)!

Ok, so here is the break down!

1. 4 4×4 tiles( I got mine from Home Depot in the tile section. They were
a total of 32 cents!!)
2. 4 4×4 pictures or a 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper(you can find the
cutest scrapbook paper at Michaels. And most of them are 69 cents or
3. A piece of felt(you can also get this at Michaels for under 50 cents).
4. Mod Podge Matte Glue(you can use any finish you like but i prefer the
matte. You can get this at Michaels as well).
5. Scissors
6. Hot glue gun and hot glue
7. Foam brush

First we are going to cut out all the pieces of paper and felt we need for the front and back of the tiles. You have a couple ways you can do this. You can grab a ruler and measure out 4×4 squares. If my husband is helping this is his job. Or you can simply trace the tiles on the paper and felt. I use dry erase markers for this because they easily wipe off of the tiles if I get any on them.

Now we take our lovely felt squares and hot glue them to the bottom. Do this before the paper on top! I’ve spaced and done the tops first and then had to wait 24 hours for the glue to dry all the way.

Next we do a nice layer of Mod Podge directly on the tile. Put the pieces of paper directly on the tile with the picture face up.

Go enjoy a nice cup of coffee you crafty beast! After you have set the paper on top of the Mod Podged tiles we need to let them set for just a few minutes.
Once you have let them set we are now going to do two coats on top of the paper to seal them in!

After letting them set for 24 hours they are all ready to wrap and give away!!

If you try this tutorial out I would love to see what you make! Make sure to use #msctilecoasters or #mommastitchesmakes so I can see all your beautiful creations!!!

This tutorial was created by Jasmine Castillo of Momma Stitches Corner. You can share this tutorial with a link back to the original post. You are not allowed to use photos from this tutorial without expressed permission ( Do not claim this tutorial as your own. You are allowed to sell items you make from this tutorial but please give credit when possible.

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